Clean Energy for Luzon

Clean Energy for LuzonMalampaya has been benefitting the Philippines in countless ways, including reducing oil imports, assuring a more stable supply of energy and a cleaner source of power, and meeting up to 20% of Luzon’s energy requirements.

The operation of Malampaya in the power stations’ full capacity of 2,011 megawatts is displacing an estimate of 1.35 million kilograms of CO2 per hour – a cleaner and more sustainable process, as compared to energy generation using coal or fuel oil.

Partners In The Vision

Department of EnergyThe Department of Energy, the agency leading the development of Malampaya, is the Philippine government division dedicated to the search and development of indigenous sources of energy.

It is operated by Prime Energy Resources and Development B.V. with joint venture partners Udenna Corporation and PNOC Exploration Corporation.