Partnering with Communities

Since the onset of the Malampaya project, various communities have been beneficiaries of sustainable social and environmental programs aimed at contributing to the communities’ development. The launch of the Malampaya Foundation in early 2006 further strengthened the venture’s commitment to continuously partner with community stakeholders throughout the life of the project.


Malampaya’s development and operation have been guided by the principles of sustainable development, with the goal of continuously balancing the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of its operations. Through working with and engaging various stakeholders, challenges are identified and addressed through sustainable means.



Established in 2006, the Malampaya Foundation, Inc. (MFI) reinforces the Malampaya Partners’ commitment to sustainable social and environmental development in areas where the Malampaya project operates.

MFI works with communities to enhance and empower people to become productive members of society and assist in improving environmental protection and conservation.

Sustainable health

Recognizing the importance of health and well-being in its communities, the Malampaya project implements healthcare and health insurance programs to improve people’s lives while encouraging them to invest in preventive healthcare.

In partnership with stakeholders, the project also develops programs to address diseases and disabilities such as malaria and blindness that burden the lives of residents. The Malampaya project has upgraded facilities to help improve the health conditions of patients in health centers and hospitals.

Sustainable skills

The Malampaya project implements various skills training programs to enable out-of-school youths and unemployed residents to develop industrial and agricultural skills necessary for local and overseas employment.

Other programs also teach practical business skills to youth, English communication skills to elementary and high school teachers, and farm entrepreneurship to farmers and livestock raisers.

Sustainable livelihood

The Malampaya project’s various livelihood and enterprise development programs promote entrepreneurship, microfinancing, and strengthening of cooperatives among the venture’s stakeholders including farmers, fishermen, out-of-school youth, and residents of the communities.

Partnering with Communities